Katie Deighton

I'm a news-driven journalist currently carving out a niche in the experiential marketing sector. I also have experience writing about retail, lifestyle, travel, fashion and politics.

Politician Style Watch: Nicola Sturgeon

Living in a London-centric world means WWP has become one of those arseholes who, rather sadly, finds it very difficult to care about political matters further north than St Albans, and on a bad day, Westminster. In fact, before I even moved here, I found myself googling the location of ‘Holyrood’ in my third year of university, thinking it must have been some hilarious typo of Hollywood. And I studied for a BSc in Politics.

Historic style secrets: A 1957 lesson in normcore

WWP’s all-time favourite scene in a film is that of Audrey Hepburn dancing around a smoky club in Paris maniacally, in the much-overlooked classic Funny Face. Not only is the choreography about 30 years ahead of its time and showcases Hepburn’s talent as a dancer (which like many stars of her generation, eclipses her acting abilities hands-down), the fashion is everything any lover of minimalist normcore could ever desire to achieve.